"Mar del Plata City 's 103 Anniversary" National Salon 1978 3rd Prize
"San Telmo Association/ National Fine Arts Foundation" National Salon 1979 3rd Prize
"Tandil City XI National Salon of Religious Art" 1980 1st Prize
"Rotary Club Salon", Mar del Plata City 's Port 1980 2nd Prize
"F. Brughetti" National Salon, Dolores City 1980 Special Mention
"Atlantic Coast Provincial Salon", Pinamar City 1981 Special Mention
"Tandil City XII National Salon of Religious Art" 1981 Great Honor Prize
"Paraná City" National Salon 1981 Special Mention
IV Salon "Cultural Circuit Buenos Aires East", Azul City 1981 2nd Prize
"Tres Arroyos City" National Salon 1981 Special Mention
"Lanús City Salon" 1981 Special Mention
"Lanús City Salon" 1983  2nd Prize
"Tres Arroyos City" National Salon 1983 Special Mention
"Buenos Aires City Autumn Salon "(SAAP) 1984 Special Mention

Note 1 SAAP stands for Argentine Association of Plastic Artist (Fine Arts professionals).

Note 2 What is called a "Salon" (Salón) in Argentina is a competition, sometimes by invitation, but mostly open to anyone, where the paintings are showed to the public after the ones that get Prizes or Mentions are selected by the jury. Anyone can send paintings and there may be up to a thousand to begin with, but only a rather limited number of them, perhaps something between fifteen and eighty, are "accepted" and these are the ones eligible for prizes and the only ones displayed in the exhibition. A preselection jury, usually with more people than the one that gives the prizes, selects among the lot the ones that are to be accepted to contest. Raúl had took part and had been selected many, many times in the more important open contests of this kind in Argentina: the "Buenos Aires City 's National Salon", the "Manuel Belgrano" Municipal Salon, the "Buenos Aires City Autumn Salon" (SAAP), the "Tandil City National Salon of Religious Art", and the "Santa Fe City 's National Salon". He had also been part of the jury on some of the salons mentioned above (not in the same years, of course).